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Naša štorija

- Eco Lavender & Family Farm -

We started writing our story "as our ancestors said" in 2007 ... when we planted our first lavender seedlings and started as a family farm. We are a family company from Istria that grows, processes and produces medicinal and aromatic plants and the production of cosmetics and other lavender products.

Our plantation stretches over 1.6 hectares of land in a quiet place near Porec - Mušalež, a land where our ancestors cultivated and nurtured from generation to generation. We are engaged in organic production and we are registered in the Register of Organic Producers.

According to the original idea of extracting essential oil, the desire to produce cosmetics for our whole family was awakened. With our children, my wife and I realized how important it is to take care of our health and body using cosmetics with as many natural ingredients as possible. That is why we have expressed a desire for a healthy lifestyle “The Natural Way of Living” to live in harmony with nature so that we can share it all with you.

All our beauty products are made from natural vegetable oils and we use various essential oils from the Istrian region such as lavender, immortelle, sage, rosemary, laurel, mint and other essential oils and olive oil from our own plantation and the best quality extract without the addition of hazardous chemicals.


All cosmetic products are supported by appropriate laboratory analyzes by the Institute of Public Health of the Istrian County accredited laboratory.


Our goal is to produce in harmony with nature - natural products from lavender and other aromatic plants and to present that is  meet ours  clients and customers about the benefits it contributes to their health and beauty.

own production

Meet The Team

Danijela & Oscar-Rene Bel

"With small steps and looking to the future, we create natural cosmetics with effective ingredients from nature that is close to us"

                                                 Aroma of Istria Team

Our Clients


Lavender Field

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